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Patricia (Pat) Schrader Lohenry

Welcome to the fascination world of Holidays Doll Houses Museum, where dreams live forever and memories never die.  This is the timeless one-inch scales miniature world of Pat Schrader Lohenry; creator, artist collector...who has devoted more than 40 years of her life to the re-creation of life's most magical moments.

Weaving a rich three-dimensional tapestry from the everyday happenings of which most lives are made, she draws us into this miniscule world of the American Dream.  With incredible details and wonderful accuracy she has provided us with a panorama of that perfect world where babies never grow up, summers never end and the party's never are over; that lives in the hearts of young and old.  

Holidays Doll House Museum is a fantasy place where dreams and wishes come true through miniatures.  So you're all invited to take a virtual tour to view each roomboxes and dollhouses in the collection in this website which represents the history and all the excitement, anticipation and joy of season.    

Les Schrader

Les Schrader

Pat Lohenry the daughter of the well-know artist painter Les Schrader.  Mr. Les Schrader's paintings collection can be view at the Naper Settlement Museum in Naperville, IL. 

"Les was a self-taught artist. Throughout his life, he drew his favorite subjects of horses and Native Americans. By profession he painted signs and created special furniture finishes for Naperville's world-known Kroehler Manufacturing Company." 

Continue reading more about Les Schrader and his Painting Collection on the

 Naper Settlement Museum website.

Roomboxes Photo Gallery

Noha's Ark Roombox by Pat Lohenry

Noah's Ark Roombox

by Pat Lohenry Dollhouse and Room Boxes in Chicago Miniature Collector in Chicago.

This room box was really a challenge for me I just saw a small picture of Noah's boat in a puzzle magazine.  Because of making 155 room boxes and 20 doll houses, making a boat would really be different to say the least.  Now I had no pattern to go by while planning the structure I found great animals at a Michaels Store I ended up buying over 200 animals.  

In doing miniatures the basic rule is 1 inch to 1 foot.  When I make my dolls for example I want to make a doll like my grand-daughter, she is 5ft. tall, so I would make the doll 5 inches.  Now the right scaling.  Now I wanted a elephant for example to measure I would have to go to the zoo.  I don't think so Joke!! So the long and short of it the animals I bought are no the right scaling the room box would have had to be so large.  As it is the box that has the display is 55 inches wide, 35 inches high and 36 deep.  The Ark is about 27 inches high and 34 inches wide.  The animals that I got seemed to fit right with the scene, boat and the eights dolls: Noah, Mrs. Noah, 3 sons, 3 daughters in-laws. Now, what to make the ark with I actually used the ceiling tile that sometimes is used for our bathrooms.  The tile is 1/2 inches thick, comes in about a 3x5 ft. sheet.  I was able to cut out the shapes with a exacto knife.  There are a lot of 1/2 inches to get to were I thought the height should be.  A lot of making this boat was quite a guess game.  That is the way I work many times.  It's created as I go along too don't know if that makes any sense ti any one except me. 

Next, step was sanding the edges smooth to be able to glue 1/2 inches thin pieces of wood covering the tile.  Staining the wood to my wonderful surplus some of the glue came on to the wood and didn't take the stain evenly on the wood.  Disappointment after all this building but looking at it was perfect.  It made the boat looked weathered.  I always tell my students there is no mistakes in miniature, it just makes you do something good comes out of it. Placing the animals finally was fun, some of the animals there is more then just two my comment is they may have had a party before they got on the boat.  When people look at my miniatures the Ark is there favorite and mostly men say that. This room box was tricked but fun.  I know I will never build another boat again, this one cured me, I don't like doing things twice there's to many things yet to do for the first time for me.  Haven't build a castle yet.

Had a lot of animals left over so I am working on the return of Noah, the scene will be totally different.   

Cleopatra Roombox by Pat Lohenry

Cleopatra Roombox

By Pat Lohenry

Creating so many roomboxes when I think of a far out idea it makes doing miniature very interesting.  Cleopatra room box was one of them I didn't follow any pictures or historical information.  I just did what every came into my mind.  Figured Cleo had to be beautiful so I made her make-up at bit more intense, and her outfit, what there is of it.  I was able to find fabric to wall paper on one of the walls.  I got a great sweater at a thief store to do the rest of the tops of ring cases, painting them gold, then other trims, it made a fancy door.  Wat to the other side of the room are two fancy vases, they are actually salt and pepper shakers.  Many times I find in my house that I can use for miniatures.  Mark Anthey had to be in that room box too.

Grandma's Kitchen Roombox by Pat Lohenry

Grandma's Kitchen Roombox

by Pat Lohenry

A special roombox dedicated to grandma.

That sweet lovely grandma.  She introduced me to raw potatoes, and her wonderful chicken soup.  I was so shy I couldn't even talk to her but she understood that she never made me ask for that second bowl of soup, because all I could muster up was a timid nod of the head.  But that was ok with grandma.  

That old furry coat was a hand down not buttons only safety pins.  I am told to looked like a cartoon character called "The Little Worry Wart".  I did do my share of worrying.  That's my big sisie (Mary Lou)  next to me, that's what I used to call her and of course there's Smokey, she started out at aunt Mabel's house as a tiny kitten but she couldn't keep her because she had a dog... 

Sleeping Girls

Sleeping Girls

Sleeping Girls

Making this room box it brought the memories of the many times while raising four children this happened to me.  When any one of my kids got sick they said they could only sleep with a fever or cold with mom.  Good way for me to get some of their germs but that is what mom's do.  Doing that needle point rug seemed to find the perfect place with the mom and her two girls.  Those rugs take about a year plus to do.  Even with that I have fun making it.  I have made at least 30 of them.  Some of the main things you need to do them is good light, good eyes and a heck of a lot of patiences. 

Big Mistake Plummer

Tiger in the Tub

Featuring this Month

Love One Another And Stay Together by Pat Lohenry

Love One Another And Stay Together

Love One Another And Stay Together by Pat Lohenry in honor to the LGBT Community. 

We All Have the Right to Choose Our Path

Everyone is beautiful in their own way.  We all have the right to choose our own path.

We all have the right to choose our own path.

Everyone is beautiful in their own way.  We all have the right to choose our own path.

Everyone is beautiful in their own way.  

We all have the right to choose our own path.

Everyone is beautiful in their own way.  We all have the right to choose our own path.

Everyone is beautiful in their own way.  

We all have the right to choose our own path.

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