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Pat Lohenry

Pat Lohenry

Welcome to the fascination world of Holidays Doll Houses Museum, where dreams live forever and memories never die.  This is the timeless one-inch scales miniature world of Pat Lohenry; creator, artist collector...who has devoted more than 40 years of her life to the re-creation of life's most magical moments.

Weaving a rich three-dimensional tapestry from the everyday happenings of which most lives are made, she draws us into this miniscule world of the American Dream.  With incredible details and wonderful accuracy she has provided us with a panorama of that perfect world where babies never grow up, summers never end and the party's never are over; that lives in the hearts of young and old.  

Holidays Doll House Museum is a fantasy place where dreams and wishes come true through miniatures.  So you're all invited to take a virtual tour to view each roomboxes and dollhouses in the collection in this website which represents the history and all the excitement, anticipation and joy of season.    

Les Schrader

Les Schrader

Pat Lohenry the daughter of the well-know artist painter Les Schrader.  Mr. Les Schrader's paintings collection can be view at the Naper Settlement Museum in Naperville, IL. 

"Les was a self-taught artist. Throughout his life, he drew his favorite subjects of horses and Native Americans. By profession he painted signs and created special furniture finishes for Naperville's world-known Kroehler Manufacturing Company." 

Continue reading more about Les Schrader and his Painting Collection on the

 Naper Settlement Museum website.

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