Cleopatra Roombox

Cleopatra Roombox by Pat Lohenry

Doing so many room boxes when I think of a far out idea it makes doing miniature very interesting.  Cleopatra room box was one of them.  I didn't follow any pictures or historical information.  I just did what every came into my mind.  Figured Cleo had to be beautiful so I made her make-up at bit more intense, and her outfit, what there is of it.  I was able to find fabric to wall paper on one of the walls.  I got a great sweater at a thief store to do the rest of the tops of ring cases, painting them gold, then other trims, it made a fancy door.  Wat to the other side of the room are two fancy vases, they are actually salt and pepper shakers.  Many times I find in my house that I can use for miniatures.  Mark Anthey had to be in that room box too.