Grandma's Kitchen

Grandma's Kitchen Roombox by Pat Lohenry

A special roombox dedicated to grandma...

Thant sweet lovely grandma.  She introduced me to raw potatoes, and her wonderful chicken soup.  I was so shy I couldn't even talk to her but she understood that she never made me ask for that second bowl of soup, because all I could muster up was a timid nod of the head.  But that was ok with grandma.  

That old furry coat was a hand down not buttons only safety pins.  I am told O looked like a cartoon character called "The Little Worry Wart".  I did do my share of worrying.  That's my big sisie (Mary Lou)  next to me, that's what I used to call her and of course there's Smokey, she started out at aunt Mabel's house as a tiny kitten but she couldn't keep her because she had a dog.  Then grandma got her, it wasn't too long before she made her way yo our house and stayed 20 years.   

Mary Lou and I both remember grandma as such a loving and giving woman, everyone who knew her thought the same thing.  "love One Another and Stay Together" was her motto.  Something we all should try to remember.  I dedicate this room box to my Grandma in loving memory of her and when my time comes to pass over, and I smell your chicken soup "I'll know that I've arrived to see you once again". 

Just a little bit more.  If you look closely you can see a horse on the ironing board in the kitchen, my dad actually knew a house on his mother's ironing board when he was three years old my dad became a famous artist in Naperville painting 42 oil painting of the history and growth of Naperville, IL. 

Just a little bit more about my gand-ma's soup.  I have made that soup as an adult with the German..., I called them .. as a kid.  I know my soup never tasted like Grand-ma's because she has a fresh chicken from the yard to make her soup.  That memory I will never forget when they cut the head of the chicken off and it still kept running around that really freaked me out as a little kid.  But it still didn't stop me from liking grandma's soup.  All the memories came back to me when I made that room box.  Even when I was told to get the eggs from the chicken in our backyard.  Didn't like that job and those goofy chicken didn't like me either and didn't want to give up their eggs.  They did love to picking at my hand I had great parents but they sure should have said put your gloves on. 

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