Cleopatra Roombox by Pat Lohenry

Doing so many room boxes when I think of a far out idea it makes doing miniature very interesting.  Cleopatra room box was one of them.  I didn't follow any pictures or historical information.  I just did what every came into my mind.  Figured Cleo had to be beautiful so I made her make-up at bit more intense, and her outfit, what there is of it.  I was able to find fabric to wall paper on one of the walls.  I got a great sweater at a thief store to do the rest of the tops of ring cases, painting them gold, then other trims, it made a fancy door.  Wat to the other side of the room are two fancy vases, they are actually salt and pepper shakers.  Many times I find in my house that I can use for miniatures.  Mark Anthey had to be in that room box too.

Grandma's Kitchen

A special roombox dedicated to grandma...

Thant sweet lovely grandma.  She introduced me to raw potatoes, and her wonderful chicken soup.  I was so shy I couldn't even talk to her but she understood that she never made me ask for that second bowl of soup, because all I could muster up was a timid nod of the head.  But that was ok with grandma.  

That old furry coat was a hand down not buttons only safety pins.  I am told O looked like a cartoon character called "The Little Worry Wart".  I did do my share of worrying.  That's my big sisie (Mary Lou)  next to me, that's what I used to call her and of course there's Smokey, she started out at aunt Mabel's house as a tiny kitten but she couldn't keep her because she had a dog.  Then grandma got her, it wasn't too long before she made her way yo our house and stayed 20 years...   

Arabian Roombox by Pat Lohenry

Talk about getting ideas.  This roombox all started with going to the thrift store finding a vest with that scene of the elephant on the back of the vest.  Had to buy it, now what was I going to do with? What kind of room would call for a elephant on a vest.  Don't know if the dolls and furniture fit all together with the elephants.  Sometimes I just create it  wether it's right or wrong, as longI used the fabric to make the drapes and bed spread.  Doing this roombox reminds me of a young man that ask me what I thought about a man having a doll house? He said people were laughing at him.  Beside he said he was doing a different theme, a victorian room, country room, modern on and on.  So, asked him "are you having fun?" He said "yes", I said you can do anything you want to, don't let people change you or your ideas and dreams.   

Noah's Ark

This room box was really a challenge for me I just saw a small picture of Noah's boat in a puzzle magazine.  Because of making 155 room boxes and 20 doll houses, making a boat would really be different to say the least.  Now I had no pattern to go by while planning the structure I found great animals at a Michaels Store I ended up buying over 200 animals.  

In doing miniatures the basic rule is 1 inch to 1 foot.  When I make my dolls for example I want to make a doll like my grand-daughter, she is 5ft. tall, so I would make the doll 5 inches.  Now the right scaling.  Now I wanted a elephant for example to measure I would have to go to the zoo.  I don't think so Joke!! So the long and short of it the animals I bought are no the right scaling the room box would have had to be so large.  As it is the box that has the display is 55 inches wide, 35 inches high and 36 deep.  The Ark is about 27 inches high and 34 inches wide.  The animals that I got seemed to fit right with the scene, boat and the eights dolls: Noah, Mrs. Noah, 3 sons, 3 daughters in-laws. Now, what to make the ark with I actually used the ceiling tile that sometimes is used for our bathrooms.  The tile is 1/2 inches thick, comes in about a 3x5 ft. sheet.  I was able to cut out the shapes with a exacto knife.  There are a lot of 1/2 inches to get to were I thought the height should be.  A lot of making this boat was quite a guess game.  That is the way I work many times.  It's created as I go along too don't know if that makes any sense ti any one except me. 

Next, step was sanding the edges smooth to be able to glue 1/2 inches thin pieces of wood covering the tile.  Staining the wood to my wonderful surplus some of the glue came on to the wood and didn't take the stain evenly on the wood.  Disappointment after all this building but looking at it was perfect.  It made the boat looked weathered.  I always tell my students there is no mistakes in miniature, it just makes you do something good comes out of it. Placing the animals finally was fun, some of the animals there is more then just two my comment is they may have had a party before they got on the boat.  When people look at my miniatures the Ark is there favorite and mostly men say that. This room box was tricked but fun.  I know I will never build another boat again, this one cured me, I don't like doing things twice there's to many things yet to do for the first time for me.  Haven't build a castle yet.

Had a lot of animals left over so I am working on the return of Noah, the scene will be totally different.   

Dance Studio

A daance studio is dun to make because you can make lots of different customers.  That's if you make dolls.  I think I've made thousands of dolls.  I like having dolls in my doll houses and romboxes.  A lot of people don't want to have dolls, they want to imagine they are little and can go inside.  That's OK if that's what they feel.  I on the other han want to tell a story with dolls.  I got this idea to do this roombox because one of my daughters became a professional dancer and then later on became a dance teacher.  I made a doll that looks very much like her.  She is on the second floor in a black dress.  She's the only who isn't in a custom.  The little girl next to her in the blue custom is Lisa my grand-daughter.  The doll kind of really looks like her at that age.  She is now marries and just turned thirty.  She's a beautiful, it's fun to remember when she was little.   

Lady in Pink

Sometimes I just made a doll with a dress I had in my head.  This was one of them.  Now I had her done and now what to do with her.  Because she turned out pretty good but she needed the right setting.  I had polished this furniture, the company is no longer available.  The owner has passed.  I met him many years ago his first name was Pit.  We always made a joke about Pit and Pat.  What ever that meant.  I dressed up the furniture with cushions, pillows and the bed spread.  Another needle point rug to match the other fabric and actually the dolls outfit.  Every time I look at that room I think of Pit, dear friend.  He would have approved.