One to many drinks

Buying the animals for Noak's Arch I couldn't resist the donkey.  When I got him home, he actually was to big with the other animals and beside that some where along the trip home he got a broken  leg.  Glued him with super glue but you could see a slight cracked line.  So I decided to give him a bandage.  The whole roombox was designed in my head just from that sometimes it might be just one thing and then the rest of the roombox is done in my head.  Had a doll part the eyes are painted shut so it would be cool to have him driking too much and fell down.  So, now the wagon cracked and the wheel broken closed the chickens flying all over the place on the country road.  The other two farmers were not happy with all their things to haul.  Some how the scene had to have a fisher man.  Perfect spot for a bridge and who would be there on the bridge but Tom Sawyer and Hickberry Fin.  That roombox got to be very large and it all came to life because of that sweet injured dinkey.  That was a fun scene to do. 

Thanksgiving Day

Because of making my Grandma's Kitchen roombox.  It made me want to do the Thanksgiving roombox.  Over my grandma's sink there was a print of a painting that I always liked as a little girl.  I was hoping after gandma passed I could get it.  No such luck, I think my sister got it.  After that I don't what happened to it.  Again when I see s omething like a dress, bed, house that I can;t have I make it in miniature.  The Thanksgiving scene is not exaclty like the painting but close.  That's good because i can put my own ideas to it.  
I think the grandma basting the turkey got a little bit bigger butt nut it makes get a chuckle was I look at that roombox, ah the memories!! 

Sleeping Girls

Making this room box it brought the memories of the many times while raising four children this happened to me.  When any one of my kids got sick they said they could only sleep with a fever or cold with mom.  Good way for me to get some of their germs but that is what mom's do.  Doing that needle point rug seemed to find the perfect place with the mom and her two girls.  Those rugs take about a year plus to do.  Even with that I have fun making it.  I have made at least 30 of them.  Some of the main things you need to do them is good light, good eyes and a heck of a lot of patiences.